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Using Rack Daddy Mineral Mix will provide your herd with the much-needed nutrients that are not always available in today's depleted soils.  Our experience with R&D is that Rack Daddy Premium Mineral Mix will become part of the deer's daily routine.  Short-term benefits are attracting and holding more deer in your hunting area and making your current deer herd healthier and more disease tolerant.  Long-term benefits will come when buck fawns are born to does that have been on Rack Daddy Premium Mineral Mix.

Your Rack Daddy Premium Mineral Mix lick site will be a year-round source of nutritional supplement that will help your deer through all phases of life.  Imagine the results of a fawn that is influenced from conception with the needed minerals and vitamins to help develop a stronger and heavier bone structure.  Fawn birthweights in your herd will go up as well as the yearling weights, because each fawn will nurse from a doe that is full of nutrient-rich milk from having been on your Rack Daddy Premium Mineral Mix lick stes.  Research has shown that the first year pedicel size of the yearlings will influence the buck antlers in adult stage as your buck matures.  Each year, a portion of the buck's antlers develop from his skeletal bone structure where he stores calcium and phosphorus, requiring him to need additional calcium and phosphorus as well as nine other minerals that have been found through studies of antlers.  Two of the other important minerals found are magnesium and sodium.  Other trace minerals include potassium, iron, zinc, manganese and several others.  Growing antlers are comprised of roughly 80% protein and 20% minerals, whereas hardened antlers are comprised of roughly equal amounts of protein and minerals.

As you can see, the need to supply your deer herd with added protein sources as well as added mineral sources in areas where the main food source may be lacking must be provded through supplements, and there's no better supplement on the market than Rack Daddy Premium Mineral Mix!  Pick up your first bag of our Premium Mineral Mix and start making a positive change in your deer herd!

The composition of Rack Daddy Premium Mineral Mix is:


Phosphorus 8%
Salt 34%
Sodium 16%
Potassium .32%
Magnesium 1.06%
Sulfur 1.08%
Lysine 0.018%
Cobalt 50ppm
Copper 250ppm
Iodine 61ppm
Iron 2161ppm
Manganese 2070ppm
Zinc 1710ppm
Selenium 15ppm
Vitamin A 181,281 IU/lb
Vitamin D3 25,120 IU/lb
Vitamin E 52 IU/lb
Vitamin K 4.12 Mg/lb
Vitamin B12 125 Mcg
13 other trace minerals and vitamins, including a yeast culture and molasses products in a proprietary blend.